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Urgent warning to Brits over giant hogweed surge: 'Britain's most dangerous plant' can leave you and your pets with pus-filled, golf-ball sized blisters, experts warn - here's how to spot it
A cure for baldness? Sugar that naturally occurs in the human body stimulates hair growth, scientists discover in breakthrough that could benefit millions of men
That didn't take long! Hottest world temperature record is broken for a second day in row, with average global temperatures hitting 17.15°C on Monday
Elon Musk says he'll fight Mark Zuckerberg 'any place, any time, any rules'
Climate change is fuelling Britain's wild weather: Scientists blame global warming for record heatwaves, rainfall and rising sea levels in 2023
Insiders claim Apple is launching a foldable iPhone in less than two years
Divers find long lost carvings of Tutankhamun's grandfather and other Egyptian pharaohs at bottom of Nile River
MrBeast's trans co-host Ava Kris Tyson is now accused of racism - after accusation of 'inappropriate relations' with a child
Scientists say they may have discovered origin of consciousness - and it's a theory popularized by Joe Rogan
Only those with eagle-eyes solve new Brainteaser inspired by popular Netflix show in just 37 seconds
Health warning issued as incurable rat disease kills four people in two US states
'Guardian angel' theory links Trump's assassination attempt to UFOs
2024 Paris Olympics opening ceremony: Celine Dion comeback performance reported, igniting the internet
Scientists reveal what happens to the brain while sexting - and the biggest turn-ons (and turn-offs)
New film reveals most bizarre theory about UFOs yet - the 'cosmic jokers' hypothesis
One giant leap for Britain! Meet the team who could join Tim Peake on the first all-UK mission into space - including the world's first parastronaut and two female astronauts
The King of the Dinosaurs just got even BIGGER! T. Rex was 50ft long and weighed up to 15 TONNES - 70% heavier than previously thought, study claims
Earth experienced its hottest day on RECORD last Sunday: Global average temperature hit 17.09°C on July 21 - and scientists say climate change is to blame
Rare white squirrel with a one-in-100,000 genetic mutation is spotted running along a street in Caerphilly
Stephen Colbert is brat, shares Kamala Harris memes
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