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AI and Ethics

Partnership on AI Appoints Six New Members to Board of Directors
Researchers leveraging AI to train (robotic) dogs to respond to their masters
Social robot or digital avatar, users interact with this AI technology as if it’s real
New video test for Parkinson's uses AI to track how the disease is progressing
Towards Global Alignment and Interoperability: Bringing Stakeholders Together at PAI’s AI Policy Forum
Senators probe OpenAI on safety and employment practices
OpenResearch reveals potential impacts of universal basic income
Can consciousness exist in a computer simulation?
Meta joins Apple in withholding AI models from EU users
Ant insights lead to robot navigation breakthrough
Chatbot Iris offers students individual support
Scientists develop new artificial intelligence method to create material 'fingerprints'
Responsible AI is a competitive advantage
AI could unleash £119 billion in UK productivity
AI found to boost individual creativity -- at the expense of less varied content
How to Hold Mixed Human-AI Groups Responsible
How risk-averse are humans when interacting with robots?
From Code to Consumer: PAI’s Value Chain Analysis Illuminates Generative AI’s Key Players
A new twist on artificial 'muscles' for safer, softer robots
Microsoft and Apple back away from OpenAI board
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